Friday, 21 September 2007

My Quick Process...

Here we go, as promised:
a1. The final line work...inked, scanned and cleaned up in PS7...(yes I know...)
a2. Copied the linework to a new layer, blurred it, then adjusted the colour.
a3. Yellow tonal under painting on new layer (BTW, set both layers above to multiply)
a4. Skin tones I was going for more of a stylised look, I wasn't that bothered about getting them 100% right, or blended.
a5. Dropped some blue/green gradients (set to multiply) over the top to add to the stylised vibe I was going for.
a6. Finalised the tones, added a lighter gradient to lift the head, as awell as adding some stylised highlights. All colouring complete now.
a7. Finished piece...added some textures to break it up a bit, some old paper textures I had on my hard drive, a little outline around the character, some crazy oriental text ( hopefully it's not offensive ), and that's that.

From start to finish the whole thing probably too about 2 and a half hours. I'm happy with it!

Hope it was interesting/useful for anyone out there!

Here's a bigger version of the character from the title image of the blog. Based, somewhat on Mr. Kevin Bacon. I'll post a step by step of this soon.

Have to start somewhere....

Thought I'd start the ball rolling by posting a panel from the comic pitch I'm working on. Not much to say about it really, except it's nice to see a panel finished, with text and all!

I'll update again soon with more sequential stuff, sketches, doodles, all manner of things.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by!